Our Directors

Andrew Gwyn-Davies

Andrew is one of our founding trustees with a love for Seaton and the Axe Valley, organising events and projects which help to lift the town and its community.

When he’s not volunteering with Re:store Andrew is a production manager working in the film business, often working abroad in beautiful locations! 

Carly Dean-Tribble

Carly has also been with Re:store now for the last few years and has a great knowledge of the local community and all things Seaton.

When Carly isn’t volunteering with Re:store she’s found in one of her two local cafes in Seaton which she owns and manages. She’s kept busy with her businesses and her young boy and husband!

Paul Johns

Paul has been in Seaton for many years and has seen all of his four boys grow up and go to the local schools.

Paul works for Seaton Town Council looking after their projects and managing the facilities in and around Seaton.

Paul is a key member of AVR and when he isn’t working or volunteering he’s running or planning his next running or cycling adventure.

Louise Tucker

Louise is one of newer trustees and has given her time to volunteer as she loves to help people.

Louise works for a local architectural firm based in Seaton and when not working is bringing up her three boys and messing around in the outdoors including sea swimming.


Ben Stansfield

Ben has recently joined the Re:store team and brings a wealth of experience from working in South London running a similar project. Ben is currently working with another large worldwide charity and leads projects oversees through local partners.

Ben’s has two teenage boys who are sport mad and so he spends most of his time on the side lines of football pitches and rugby fields. 

When he has time for himself Ben enjoys the outdoor life, kayaking, swimming or woodwork in the garden!


Lydia Sweetland

Lydia is the Community Matron, working from Seaton hospital and leading the nursing team going out daily to help people in their homes.

We are grateful to have Lydia on the team bringing a huge experience and expertise in working in the community with people in need. When Lydia manages to find some free time she’s often seen running or walking the dog or looking after her family.


Some other Re:store faces:

Ben Tucker

Ben isn’t actually a trustee but he’s been part of Re:store from the start and has stepped back from trusteeship and now works part-time as the Community Co-ordinator and Project Manager.

Ben loves Seaton and seeing people helped from all areas of life with whatever they are struggling with in life.

When not with Re:store Ben is on his bike, running or taxiing his three boys around for various clubs, groups and to friends.